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Dispatches from North Post 34

Dispatches from North Post 34
Artist’s sketch of North Post 34, where nothing happens both literally and figuratively.

Day 118
Snowy. Cold. Nothing on the northern line. Cabbage soup.

Day 119
Snowy. Cold. Nothing on the northern line. Cabbage soup.

Day 120
Still snowy. Still cold. Still nothing on the northern line. Leek soup! Thirty more days until I can see Stacy and the kids again.

Day 121
The sun came out and it was surprisingly warm today. We could see for miles. No sign of the Frozen Flames or of King Tree, but I did get to take off my overcoat.

Just kidding. Snowy, cold, cabbage soup (with leeks).

Day 122
This writer has been disciplined for failing to provide professional and detail-heavy reports on any unusual or anomalous activity that should occur on the Northern Line of the Amal Empire. This writer has been reminded he is one of the many privileged souls to be defending the Amal Empire as a member of its esteemed Unified Militaries and that beyond the northern line this far north in the Northern Reaches two of our greatest foes lie in wait: the Frozen Flames and King Tree. This writer apologizes deeply for failing to provide reports on the Northern Line as he has been assigned to do. Unfortunately, this writer cannot provide a date because he has forgotten what the date of his first arrival was one-hundred-twenty-two days ago. This writer would also like to mention that the superior who disciplined him also could not remember the correct date. So, until he has been informed of the correct date, he will continue to use numerals to designate new reports.

Today, on this one-hundred-twenty-second day of his assignation to the 34th North Post, this writer would like to report the following: A heavy snow continues to fall, as it has for one-hundred-twenty-two days. There has been no movement on the Northern Line. There is yet to be any sign of the Frozen Flames or King Tree. It continues to be unbearably cold. We will persevere. The cabbage soup has returned without the leeks. It is delicious. I like how everyone gets at least one or two carrots in their soup. We will continue to watch the lines. No foe shall overcome the Amal Empire.

Day 123
Today, on this one-hundred-twenty-third day of his assignation to the 34th Northern Post, this writer reports there is still no sign of the Frozen Flames or of King Tree. The snow continues to fall. Interestingly, it has gotten colder. The cabbage soup remains delicious.

Day 124
Snowy. Cold. No signs of anyone. Thought I saw motion in the snow. It was just more snow. Cabbage soup. I am told this is a sign we are low on provisions. Thinking of Stacy and the kiddos.

Day 125
Snowy, cold, no signs of enemies. Cabbage soup, but Jenkins got one leek in his. Are we being punished? Mail call but no provisions for some reason. Murmurs of a sighting at Post 27. The twenties always get the good stuff. Letter from Stacy waiting for me when I’m off-shift. Can’t wait!

Day 126
She’s leaving me, oh my gods, she’s taking the kids to her mother’s in Booley. Stacy, why? What did I do? I tried to be a good man for you, I know the shop failed but I joined up so I could provide and it’s not my fault they sent me to this frozen anus, Stacy, please, we can work it out, tell me what I can do for you, Stacy, you frigid all-consuming uncanny whore that’s all you ever did was take take take while I’m working my ass off, how could you? I’m sorry, Stacy, I didn’t mean it, please, can’t we talk about this? I wish I could say there are signs of the Frozen Flames or even King Tree but the joke’s on me. It’s so snowy I can’t see anything. But I wish it was too cold to feel anything. All I can feel is Stacy’s absence. Oh, Gods, I’m so cold. I will never be warm again. I see her face in the snow drift. Her bosom in the snow hills. Oh gods oh gods oh gods. Even the cabbage soup reminds me of Stacy. She would add peas, rosemary, and fennel.

March 11, 813 AE
North Post 34, 1755 hours. Usual heavy snow. Limited visibility. Temperatures dropping. No signs of Frozen Flames or King Tree.

Previous dispatcher relieved of duty until he has recovered from crying spells. I will maintain professionalism and excellence in these dispatches, unlike him.

March 12, 813 AE
Snowy/cold/no signs of Frozen Flames or King Tree. Witnessed motion but proved to be nothing. Cabbage soup.

Mar. 13, 813 AE
S/c/no sign Frozen Flame/King Tree. Cabbage soup.

S/c/n.s. FF/KT. Cabbage S.

Day 5
S/c/n.s. FF/KT. CS.

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