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A Journey’s End

A Journey’s End
The Distant Reaches are full of wonder.

An anonymous poem left by a traveler in lieu of payment for a firewine tab at the Stone’s Way Inn.

When will your journey end?
When will you return home again?
Your mother and father doth call
You’ve been gone winter, spring, and fall —

Do you know where you are heading to?
Will anywhere new do?
Or is this just another place to distract you?

You’ve traveled through the frosty northern reaches
Down to the sunny southern beaches
Visiting oracles, soothsayers, even a necromancer
Hoping to find your answer

And still you didn’t discover what you’re looking for
You got stories, memories, and cultural lore
Yet that’s not enough; you want more…

You say you are not lost
That the experience is worth the cost
That you’re on a soul-searching journey
To have that life-changing epiphany,

But what you really seek to find
Is a different state of mind
(Honestly, it’d be cheaper with a bottle of firewine.)
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