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Open Spike Night at the Ale & Marrow

Open Spike Night at the Ale & Marrow
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The Ale & Marrow is a notorious den of thieves and villainy, but even those thieves and villains have need to find meaning through art. Here is a sample of this week’s poetry from the Ale & Marrow’s open spike night, when criminal-poets from all across Amalcross recite new work into a razor-sharp spike.

Gorzon of the Blackhearts, Skinner of Salavasters and Ripper of Rilk’gar

O! what spray
does this beating heart flay
into mine own eyes.
No surprise —
'twas ripped through a turncoat's spine
and burst like a rancid clementine.
Sticky-sweet, and warm upon my skin,
But not as warm as the memory of kin.

What I can't surmise
is if it's worth the prize
of leaving all my sons and daughters
to be in their scorned mothers' arms held lofter
whilst I lie here drunken
with my gang in blood sunken.

She, of the Axe and Sword

What have you to say to me, scum!

I hold my weapons high
Whilst you cower like a suckling pup
Separated from its bitch!

You are mine now, ha! ha!
Grovel at my feet and beg for mercy!
Plead for your sad life to continue!

I only wait to hear your argument!
But how can you argue with sharpened steel?
You cannot!

Don't bring 'ja Habernat's Treatise of Ethics and Moral Delights into this!
That old cockworm can't tell the difference between a proposition and a corollary,
Or a definition and an axiom!

Banish the gestate from 'ja Nazor's On Humanity's Self-Made Divinity!
Think you I, of the Axe and Sword, have not gazed long and hard into her own abyss
And slit its throat already?

How dare you raise 'ja Keynard's Three Treatises on Civil Governments!
I live beyond all social contracts!

Die! die! die! die! die! die! die! die! die! die!

Mitherithainer [tentacled Uncanny terror with three mouths]

[Mouth 1]: We slink from the corners
From shadow to shadow
Lest they see us and our hideous visage
And come at us with their blades—
                                   [Mouth 2]: The light! the light!
Steel from the light! Steel from the light!
                                                   [Mouth 3]: Aaaaa—         
Away! Away! Quick, the all of me—
                                   [Mouth 2]: Their blades! Their blades!
No! They come too quick! They fall upon us!
                                                              [Mouth 3]: —AAAAA—
The light is upon their steel! We are—
                                   [Mouth 2]: Blind!
                                                                              [Mouth 3]: —AAAAA—
                                             [Mouth 2]: —AAAAAAAAAAA—!
                                                                                             [Mouth 3]: —AAA— [yelps]
The third of us is severed, but we survive.
We slink back into the shadows
Into the safe darkness
To regrow ourselves again
Knowing always it will not be the same.
                                              [Mouth 2]: Not the same.
                                                                    [Mouth 3]: …not the same….
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