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Amalcrossers Seeking Amalcrossers

Amalcrossers Seeking Amalcrossers
No one said finding love was easy.

Excerpted from the personal ads in today’s Amalcross Daily:

  • “I’m Lord ‘ja Flurk, a nobleman with a noble lineage, generous and kind heart, open-minded and progressive humanist, seeking any woman capable of child-bearing with whom to continue the titled Flurk lineage. Also open to men with amenable sisters. Height 73 in.”
  • “My name is Saryoh Thumble, I’m a seamstress (family runs a mid-size textile business) looking for an ambitious, upwardly mobile man. No hookups. Politically advantageous unions ONLY.”
  • “Thelonius Melonius is my name. Barding is my game. In town for the Conclave, seeking no-strings fun. All welcome. Excellent with my instrument — come discover for yourself.”
  • “Iaian Tunk — bounty hunter and florist — seeking love and companionship. Bonus if you love traveling with discretion and peonies.”
  • “On behalf of Baronness Yeugy Chilshire: Seeking to replace an untimely deceased ex-husband. You must be patient, tolerant of emotional and physical abuse, and good at eating ass. The bestowment of the title of Baron or co-Baronness depends wholly upon your desire to serve.”
  • “I’m Tag, a human-focused Binder, seeking willing and curious subjects to be affixed for periods of time for erotic fun. In shape, handsome. Open to something long-term.”
  • “You probably know me. My name is Rensmorina, the loudest bar wench tending the seediest bar in Amalcross, the Ale & Marrow. Looking for a daring fellow to join me on my after-hours adventures. A princess on the streets, but a Rilk’gar Queen in the sheets.”
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