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Shocking Allegations of Treasury Support for Racketeering Ring

Shocking Allegations of Treasury Support for Racketeering Ring
An agent of the Imperial Treasury, hard at work.

Report Submitted by Hedronis Thellin

To: Martus ‘ja Auric, Head of Collections
From: Hedronis Thellin, Manager, Remittance Desk
Regarding: DISMISSED — Tax Delinquency — The Whisper Wick


I have dismissed the case against storefront THE WHISPER WICK (3347 Stonelayer’s Way #1B, Middenton) despite your direction. This report serves as my explanation and letter of resignation.

The two individuals around which this case revolves — PURROSHA, Ludon (co-owner); PURROSHA, Jeska (co-owner) — were charged delinquent in payment of two years’ Imperial taxes on their storefront, candle shop THE WHISPER WICK.

In business for fourteen years, the couple was never late or short on payments until the last three, wherein they filed appeals either for extensions or payment plans.

The Treasury approved the first year’s appeals. Those of the next two were rejected and the co-owners penalized.

Because this would be the shop’s fourth year of appeals, I was encouraged to levy the appropriate penalties and close the file. You personally visited my desk to insinuate as much.

Instead, I found the shop and reviewed its ledgers. I saw little reason the shop should struggle to pay its taxes. The shop appeared in outstanding upkeep. A modest net profit has been made reliably since its opening.

However, during my inspection, I witnessed several individuals approach Ludon and demand “payment” for the month. They said if he did not pay, there would be “consequences” and “irreparable damages.”

Upon my egress, I noticed several places on the shop’s exterior where damage had recently been repaired that I did not notice at first. These repairs were not recorded in the ledgers, suggesting the co-owners did not want them reported even though they could write off such repairs as business expenses.

I entered the store again and questioned Ludon about the damage and the individuals demanding payment. I learned the co-owners have been regularly extorted for “protection” from “accidents.”

After scrutinizing the last three years of cases in Middenton, I found the same pattern with nearly a hundred storefronts. Several shops that failed to pay their taxes on time were shut down because Imperial Treasurers alleged owners were attempting varying degrees of fraud. Many shop-owners who paid taxes in-full and on-time nonetheless fell victim to gravely injurious accidents, often forcing the closure of their shops regardless.

Furthermore, each time one of these shops closed, a new business appeared in its place under the parent company of ‘JA GERECK & SONS HOLDINGS.

In summation, I have uncovered ample evidence of extortion and racketeering. I am convinced members of this institution’s management — yourself included — are aware of this ring and are in league to keep it hidden but active. It is not my position to judge why. It is my position to reveal it.

I have sent copies of this report and all evidentiary details to the Amalguard as well as the Amalcross Daily. You may address questions to my successor.

Hedronis Thellin

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