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Bylaws of the Borealis Club

Bylaws of the Borealis Club
Club members always tip fairly.
18 Crownspoint Road
The Orbit
Old City, Amalcross

All members of this private association, known hereafter as the Borealis Club, hereby swear to abide by the following rules and regulations and, by doing so, uphold the honor and integrity of the Club and its members henceforth, until the Club’s dissolution or hellfire consumes us, whichever should occur first.

  1. Membership dues shall be equal to no less than 24,000 drams upon initiation of Membership with an additional annual contribution of 12,000 drams, adjusted for inflation — as determined by the Imperial Treasury’s tabulation — and additional costs by vote of the Executive Committee.
  2. The Executive Committee shall be made up of no more nor less than eight Male Members [sic] hailing from families of verifiable repute within the Hundred Houses.
  3. Each Member in good standing shall have unrestricted access to the Club House and Grounds of the Borealis Club, including the barroom, game room, weapons locker, pit, library, baths and saunas, Succubus and/or Incubus Cellar, dining room, mausoleum, and recreational lounges, as well as the right to rent rooms by the night, subject to availability. Access to the Executive Offices and Lounge are restricted to members of the Executive Committee and their official designees.
  4. Members shall have the right to host up to four Guests at one time; however, Female Guests are not allowed to be resident for greater than 23.5 hours of the day.
  5. The same rules apply at the Lake Kine hunting lodge, excepting the restriction on Female residence, so long as the Member in question is an active participant in the hunt.
  6. All bets and gambling Debts are considered to be irrevocable so long as they are witnessed in good faith by a third-party Member of the Club. Any disputes may be settled by game of chance or duel, so long as it is conducted off-premises.
  7. Proper attire is required at all times in public areas, with formal wear expected at dinner. Restrictions on attire are relaxed for the following events and holidays, although nudity is nevertheless frowned upon: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Death’s Night, Solstice, Yule, Masquerade.
  8. Members who fall into disrepute — or whose houses, families, and/or associates fall into disrepute — through bankruptcy, capital crime, or of besmirched reputation, may be removed from the Club’s good standing by a simple majority vote.
  9. The kitchen, bar, and waitstaff are to be treated and tipped fairly.
  10. Pea soup must be consumed at the bar or in the dining room, no exceptions.
  11. Smoking is strictly permitted in all locales except for the sauna and Succubus and/or Incubus Cellar (unless otherwise noted).
  12. Neither the Club nor any of its auspices are liable for any injury or death due to time spent in the Succubus and/or Incubus Cellar.
  13. Golf clubs may be stored in the weapons locker using the same tag-and-check system as personal armaments.
  14. Individuals involved in the ownership of tanneries, laundries, or other odorous industries are strictly prohibited from Membership unless they can prove their ownership stake and structure sufficiently insulates them from said odorous activities so as to protect the Borealis Club, its Members, and its Staff from contamination with said smells.
  15. Magic and Binding are strictly prohibited on the premises.
  16. Uncanny Beings and Rilk’gar are strictly prohibited from becoming full Members, although they may visit as Guests under the strict supervision of a Member.
  17. Salavasters may be afforded full Membership upon vote of a simple majority, or by donating an unhatched Salavaster egg. Any Salavaster that lays or fertilizes a Salavaster egg on-premises by default assigns the ownership thereof to the Borealis Club.
  18. Any crime committed on the property of the Borealis Club shall be adjudicated by the Executive Committee unless said Committee determines adjudication should be transferred to the appropriate authorities. In the event a Member unilaterally decides to invoke or invite the legal authorities of the realm without the express permission of the Executive Committee, said Member may have their Membership — and the subsequent Membership of all heirs until hellfire takes us — permanently revoked.
  19. Any Member accused of violating these bylaws is permitted to make their defense to the Executive Committee and is further permitted to be represented by a third party, so long as said third party is drawn likewise from the body of the Membership.
  20. This constitutes the entirety of the bylaws of the Borealis Club, on this one-hundred-fifty-seventh day of 644 AE, unless otherwise amended.

SIGNED: The Executive Committee

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